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     Subho das 

    What are the specialization under CSE branch???

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     Pulkit Sharma 

    The possibilities for specialization within the computer science field are wide, and new specializations continue to evolve as advances are made in computer hardware and software and as more applications for computer technology are discovered. Various fields a graduate can choose for specialization are:

    Artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer information systems, computer graphics, computer programming, computer networls, computer servicing technology, data processing, database systems, management information systems, robotics, software engineering, telecommunication engineering, and many more.

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    The answer to your question completely depends on what you are interested..It has huge scope if I tell you frankly..I am also in the very same field and it depends on me what I am interested in..

    If you want or you are interested in coding thing then you can go for like website development, android and all..

    and if not then you can go for networking field..

    Also there are people who think that you are not at all able to do any of those things relate to tech and all you can still go for fields in marketing as well..

    So it all depends on you and your interest..


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     Olivia Das 

    You can work under the following:

    • Computer and Information Systems Managers
    • Computer and Information Research Scientists
    • Computer Hardware Engineers
    • Software Systems Developers

    You can try for GATE in the final year of your course, and get into PSUs :

    • CIL – Electronics Corporation of India Limited
    • CBI – Central Bureau of Investigation
    • IB – Intelligence Bureau
    • GAIL – Welcome to GAIL (India) Limited
    • MECL – Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL)
    • PSPCL – Welcome to PSPC
    • NIA – National Investigation Agency
    • ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization
    • BHEL – Bharat Electronics Limited
    • SAIL – Steel Authority of India Limited
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