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     Vishesh Saraswat 

    Hi, My name is Shiv and I am from Punjab. I have completed graduation. This will be the first time I will give IBPS exam. What are the common mistakes which should be avoid while preparing for IBPS exam ? Please give some tips to avoid such mistakes.


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     Asad yar Khan 

    Hello, Shiv,

    Common Mistakes to Avoid in IBPS Preparation

    Some of the most common mistakes of IBPS exam, which must be avoided are-

    Lack of Practice

    Like in any competitive, with practice you should be able to solve the questions very quickly and will get sufficient time to think.

    Avoiding Shortcuts or formulas

    If you are not aware of formulas, it will practically take more to solve the questions. You need to learn all the formulas and shortcuts. If you’re forgetting these formulas practice more. These handy shortcuts are a key to success.

    Don’t stick to just one subject:

    Try to solve that particular subject you’re good in. It will help you to score more. Give equal importance to all the subject.

    Improper Time Management

    Take care of the time in which you solve a typical problem. Try to improve your timing. Only practice can help you achieve the aimed timing.

     Avoid guessing the answer

    You should avoid guessing the answer. It can harm your rank in the exam. Hence, only if you’re confident of your guessing power, then only you should give a try to it.

    Below are 10 top preparation tips to crack IBPS-

    1. Prepare a daily schedule to accomplish your preparation goals and stick to it. Make a schedule, divide the topics to be learned, assign a particular time duration to the topic and also set time for revision. And follow this schedule strictly.
    2. Assign Deadlines to yourself and try your best to meet them.
    3. Devote almost 7-8 hours daily on your studies and take each section one by one.
    4. For better time management, you can take General Awareness Section in the morning hours and save your noontime to practice Math questions.
    5. You can take help of short tricks and formulas to solve the questions.
    6. To make your practice more effective, take help of Previous Years Question Papers. This is the smartest way to practice for the exam as you get to know the exact format of questions that come in the question paper.
    7. IBPS General Awareness Section consists most of the questions from Current Affairs and Banking Awareness. So Read them on daily basis.
    8. To enhance your English skills for IBPS English, you can start reading English Newspapers and Novels, watch English Movies and TV Shows. Also, make it a habit to speak in English while talking with your friends or family.
    9. IBPS Computer Knowledge Section consists of questions from basic computer terms and terminologies. So focus on gaining the basic computer knowledge.
    10. You can also take help of online learning.

    I hope you’ll find the answer helpful!

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     Akshay Kothari 


    Follow these preparation tips to crack IBPS Clerk 2017 exam:

    • Understand the paper format completely and then plan up your strategies for the exam.
    • Gather all the IBPS Clerk essentials before beginning up your preparation and study in such a way that you can complete the entire syllabus before the exam.
    • Make notes during your exam preparation. This will help you in your last minute preparation.
    • Solve IBPS Clerk Previous Year Question Paper and take mock tests. This is the smartest way to prepare for the exam.
    • The toughest subject to qualify in IBPS Clerk, is General Awareness because the questions can be come from any topic and from anywhere, so candidates are required to be very well prepared for this section.
    • To qualify the GK section in Bank Clerk Exam 2017, the candidates should read the important banking terms which can be asked in exams and books or magazines related to banking awareness. Also, read daily current affairs to stay updated with latest happenings across the world and the country.
    • The Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning question papers are comparatively easier in IBPS Clerk Exam, so if you practice well with the short tricks and formulas, you can easily score in these two exams.
    • English is very necessary for every bank aspirant, as after joining they have to communicate with many people so they should have great communication skills. Start Reading English Newspapers and Novels and watch English Movies and TV Shows to improve your English. And for better practices, you can make it a habit of talking in English.

    Best of Luck!

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