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    1. Plan for an appropriate time to take the test :

    It’s important to figure out when in the year you’ll have time to prepare for the test, especially if you are also juggling a full-time job and other commitments. You’ll want to set aside about 3 months to get some solid studying in with minimal distractions. Preparing for the GMAT is stressful enough.

    2. Start studying with a good plan and good materials :

    You need to begin your studies with two important things in mind:

    • Planning: Choose a study schedule that is reasonable and works well for you. Really think about how much time you have each day, and how many weeks of study you’ll need.
    • Materials: Carry out your study plan with good materials such as the Official Guide for GMAT Review and other reliable unofficial GMAT prep material. (See tips 3 and 6 for more advice on materials.)

    3. Use the appropriate study materials :

    You don’t need to buy every prep book on the market to do well on the GMAT. In fact, it would be a waste of time and money to do so!

    4. Understand the format and structure of the test :

    The directions on the GMAT won’t change the day of the test, so you will save a lot of time on test day if you come in already knowing the directions. Definitely pay close attention to the directions for the data sufficiency section.

    5. Be familiar with the timing :

    Rather than asking how hard the GMAT is, familiarize yourself with the test format to better understand it. The time limit on the GMAT puts a lot of structure around how long you can spend on each question, especially because the test is computer-adaptive and you will only see one question at a time.  can check out.

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