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     Oshima Pahuja 
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     Pulkit Sharma 

    Hi Oshima,

    There are many benefits of learning a foreign language:

    • It boosts your mind.
    • Multi tasking ability is developed
    • Mind becomes keener and memory improves.
    • Decision making ability improves.
    • It makes a person more flexible and open to other culture.
    • It expands career potentials.
    • It builds self confidence.

    Academic qualification and proficiency in foreign languages opens the gate for career in sectors such as tourism, embassies, diplomatic service, entertainment, public relations and mass communication, international organisations, publishing, interpretation and translation, etc. Additionally, various multinational corporate bodies require candidates possessing excellent language skills in French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, etc. Some new avenues such as online content writers, technical translators or decoders too have come up in a big way.


    Thank you!!


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     Shraddha Goel 

    Benefits of learning a foreign language:

    It is useful in learning about another country as a whole.
    It helps you think wider and better.
    Your career will become better as many companies look for people who know a foreign language.
    It widens your portfolio.
    It helps you use your time properly instead of just doing graduation.

    Simply learning a language and becoming fluent in it can help you join many companies, become a school teacher, a language professor, a private language tutor, interpreter, translator, freelance worker, etc. 🙂

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     Olivia Das 


    Learning a foreign language can make you versatile and diverse!

    In whatever profession you are, you can learn a new language , and then you have an edge over other people who don’t know that language.

    For example: you are an engineer trying to work on semiconductors in china! Knowing Chinese, you would have an edge over others who don’t know Chinese. In-fact you have a heavy chance to get selected! 🙂

    You can even have professions just by knowing foreign language. Examples- professor, tutor , translator etc 🙂

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