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    We are witnessing a dangerous dwindling of biodiversity in our food supply. The green revolution is a mixed blessing. Over time farmers have come to rely heavily on broadly adapted, high yield crops to the exclusion of varieties adapted to the local conditions. Monocropping vast fields with the same genetically uniform seeds helps boost yield and meet immediate hunger needs. Yet highyield varieties are also genetically weaker crops that require expensive chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. In our focus on increasing the amount of food we produce today, we have accidentally put ourselves at risk for food shortages in future.

    Which among the following is the most logical and 
    critical inference that can be made from the above passage?

    Options :-

    1. In our agricultural practices, we have become heavily dependent on expensive chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides only due to green revolution

    2. Monocropping vast fields with high-yield, varieties is possible due to green revolution

    3. Monocropping with high-yield varieties is the only way to ensure food security to millions

    4. Green revolution can pose a threat to biodiversity in food supply and food security in the long run

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