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     Rakesh varma 

    hello team
    i m very much interested in the graphics and wanted to choose this as my career but i dont know the future of this expert in india for which i m here today to know some details . so guys can you please help me in knowing the details for which i will be really grateful. hoping to get a sooner reply from you guys, so please help me in getting the details of this expert

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    hello harish

    this is really interesting that you have chosen this field as it is really a awesome one. here are the details reagrding this

    Absolutely Visual Effects Artist can have a great career and also very high salary which is the most attractive part of this profession.  Salaries are in the range 8-15 K for freshers. But after experience in MNCs like Pixar, Technicolour (Bangalore), Rythm and Hues (Hyderabad) salaries are more than software engineers. Actually there are some guys with 5 years of experiences who are getting 70 K per month.

    Well if you are a hardworker and passionate you will have a handsome income, because hard work is always paid of whatsoever be the career.  Remember, your Career is a resultant of your knowledge combined with your passion and expression ability. And VFX is really a cool career because VFX industry demand is increasing in India also abroad. In India,there are already many visual effects studios that provide visual effects for Bollywood films and some of them now provide visual effects for Hollywood as well. The demand for more studios is only going to increase over time as the demand for visual effects increases and India’s capability for producing it improves.


    According to the BLS, the demand for multimedia artists and animators was expected to grow about six percent, slower than the average for all professions, from 2012-2022. This anticipated growth was attributed to an expected increase in demands for special effects in the film industry and graphics for mobile technologies. Incidentally, the film industry was the largest and best-paying employer of visual effects artists in 2013. The creation of computer-generated animation in the scientific research and design was also expected to add opportunities for visual effects artists.

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