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    It is quite amazing that many students who couldn’t continue their education can still earn a college degree. Ever since they have some professional experience and knowledge, they can apply towards earning a work/ life experience degree. For this, they don’t really need to make use of traditional credits while they are allowed to earn college credit for their life experience. It also saves valuable time, money, and effort for them in the long run.

    If you are one of those who want to track their education, we are sharing these popular tips to apply for an online life experience degree accredited.

    1. Work Experience

    When you have been in an industry for a long period, it is obvious that you have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge as a result of it. These skills may help in pursuing a degree in related field as well as meets a certain learning program’s requirements. All it requires you to prepare a document explaining how your experience may apply towards a specific degree program.

    Keep it very clear in mind that you are applying to earn credits for work experience so your document must prove that you are capable of holding down a job. Also, it is about showcasing your valuable skills that you have learnt while working in the past. Such significant writings help in proving that your skills are eligible of the college credits.

    1. Life Experience:

    On browsing your core curriculum requirements, you may know that you have already gained a lot of knowledge outside of school environments. May be you have been a part of any community organization, run a business, written a book, or learned a non-familiar language. In such instances, you are entitled to discuss your individual experience and are highly recommended for life experience degree if meeting the requirements.

    Similar to work experience, you need to maintain a portfolio describing your past experience. It must explain that your knowledge corresponds to specific learning outcomes of your degree program. Talk to an advisor and demonstrate your concepts, principles, and theories that you have learned and are also relatable to the learning outcomes. It gets more impressive when you explain how you will be applying the knowledge in future.

    1. Military Training and Experience:

    Many military-friendly colleges are recognized for offering life experience degrees to military personnel. Those who gained tremendous life experience through officer training school, basic training, boot camps, and many other courses can apply for the degree. While applying, they need to make sure whether their choice of college is offering credits for military training or not. If yes, they can talk to Enrollment authorities and maximize the current earned credits.

    Those who are serving their homeland actively, military training helps to complete a degree much faster than regular students without going back to school.

    1. National Testing Program

    At last, the final option for earning life experience degree includes national testing program. You may need to understand your school’s transfer policies particularly, for which you’ll be able to apply for life experience degree online. Talk to your advisor at school to know if you are able to apply for a non-traditional college credit.

    Advantage after Getting a Life Experience Degree:

    • You are considered for many bonuses, promotions, and other benefits.
    • You are able to be qualified for some position in the upper management and would be placed ahead of new applicants.
    • You may enjoy the opportunity of commanding high wage or salary that means increase of income.
    • You get the perks which are not only enjoyable for you but for your family as well.
    • Obtain the degree of your choice a lot quicker than the regular students.
    • An opportunity to impress employers with your credentials.
    • Most importantly, you obtain the degree that you want without borrowing any loan.

    Final Thought

    If a green behind the ears college student outpaces you, you must contemplate earning an online life experience degree. It is the time to get yourself valued and increase chances to earn more money. People with an experience for a couple of years may have gained a lot of skills but they get stuck at a stage where it requires a diploma or an authentic and verified degree. Online education programs have come handy in this situation. They have introduced a lot of learning programs like life experience degree that allows you to trade in job skills, work experience, or job training sessions for college credits.

    It is the best and highest degree to earn, which is also the key to achieve the things that you were dreaming.

    Author bio:

    Amelia Clarke is an accredited educator by profession. She has spent most of his career in teaching about learning and reading. She has a curiosity to learn about students’ thinking and their individual goals, and also help teachers accordingly. Currently, she serves as consultant in many schools and colleges where she conducts workshops, presentations, consultation to teachers, coaching sessions, demonstration lessons, and some other professional sessions.

    Amelia has contributed with a lot of authors whose books are available on some popular websites like Amazon and ebay. In her vacant days, you may find her spending time with the family and friends most of the time. She also loves to travel around the world and motivates giving “author talks” to those who have a keen interest in writing.

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