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     Matthew Wolf 

    Which would you say is the best IIT?

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     Shravya H.M. 


    The top three IIT colleges are:

    • Indian Institute of Technology Madras.
    • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.
    • Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.


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    It’s really difficult indexing IITs without any parameters mentioned like choice of subject or research opportunities or the student demographic, etc. But on a general scale the old IITs, i.e. Kharagpur, Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Roorkee, and Guwahati are the best for most of the streams. On a subjectwise basis, we can say the following-

    • Computer Science- IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi
    • Civil Engineering- IIT Roorkee
    • Mechanical Engineering- IIT Delhi
    • Petroleum/Mining Engineering- IIT ISM Dhanbad

    This is not an exhaustive list so you should preferably choose your stream and then based on that choose the IIT. If placements are considered then all the above mentioned IITs are more than good with an avg package of double figures for CSE and upwards of 7lpa for other streams. Of the new IITs, IIT Hyderabad and IIT Bhubaneswar are progressing very rapidly. Hope this was of some help!

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    Hey there!

    As a matter of fact all IIT’s are exceptionally well and are the premium colleges of India.The statistics vary from year to year based on several surveys.

    Here is a list of top IITs based several criterion:

    1. IIT Bombay.
    2. IIT Delhi.
    3. IIT Kharagpur.
    4. IIT Kanpur.
    5. IIT Roorkee.
    6. IIT Madras (Chennai).
    7. IIT Guwahati.
    8. IIT Hyderabad.
    9. IIT Gandhinagar.
    10. IIT BHU (Varanasi).

    Hope this helps!

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     Vivek Mishra 

    When you talk of any of the IITs, they are the best in every aspect. But when you have to compare between those IITs, there are different factors where every other IIT is better than others. Like Bombay is famous for high package placements, Roorkee and Kanpur are famous for their specific branches. So in deciding about which IIT you will choose, do add the factors of your comfort like nearer to home and easily accessible. But then there comes the passion and money, these factors are always the dominating in your choice.

    So be clear in your mind and choose wisely.

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     Ajit Dhiman 

    IIT bombay is considered as the best iit of india,since it is the first indian college to come in list  of top 100 colleges of the world.However the parameters varies from college to college.Could you be more specific about your parameters.

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    Firstly I want to convey that all the IIT colleges present in our country as equal importance to do with.

    There may be slight variations in the stream wise departments but still all give you the required knowledge that you want to achieve.

    By googling you will find the colleges rank wise  but just remember that the passion and commitment you have towards the study is pretty much important than the college you are studying

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    All the IIT’s present in our country are good and anyone studying in any of those colleges should consider themselves blessed.


    IIT Bombay – Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering

    IIT Delhi – Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering

    IIT Madras – Aerospace Engineering and Biotechnology

    IIT Kharagpur – Aerospace Engineering and Agricultural & Food Engineering

    IIT Kanpur – Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering

    ISM Dhanbad – Petroleum and Mining Engineering

    I’m not saying that these institutions are not good for other branches, they are famous for these branches but studying in any one of these institutions in any branch will guarantee a good future provided you do well in your exams.

    Hope this post was helpful!

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