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    This is sruthi.

    I have completed my 12th standard. It always have been my dream to do engineering. But we have got many courses and colleges because of which i am really confused. People say that there is no value for engineering now. But still there are few good colleges to build my career. can you please list out the top engineering colleges in India

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     Rahul Singhania 
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     Arathi Nayak 
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    At the top you will have the IITs and then the NITS. Among IITs I would suggest IIT Kanpur . Among NITs, NIT Karnataka and NIT Trichi are the best. NIT Rourkee is also good.

    Next equally good option is MIT. Among MITs, only MIT Manipal is good in terms of placements and exposure.


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     Ripunjoy Goswami 
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    Engineering is good if ýou have interest in that subject and have the will to work hard. And I am not saying it only for engineering, it is for all the subjects and course.

    I would prefer you to do whatever courses make your interest and dont forget to work hard for it .

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     Abhishek Mookherjee 
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    Hi Sruthi,

    First, I would like to address your concern about engineering not having much scope anymore. The unfortunate truth of this generation. According to a survey conducted this year, 2018 will see companies cutting down on their work-force. So, with all due respect, you need to be really really really good at what you want to do, because the nation is overflowing with engineers.

    Second. About the colleges in India. At the top would be the IITs of course. Extremely tough to get into but alumni proves that it’s definitely worth it in terms of placements and job offers. Then we have the NITs. Which also would give you a good exposure to the corporate world. After the NITs comes VIT. It is one of the known good colleges in India. They, however do have a seperate entrance test. BITS is also one of the best private institutions of the country. You’d have to give a seperate test for that too(BITSAT). And then of course we have colleges like CoEP and MIT Manipal which aren’t as acclaimed as the IITs or any of the colleges mentioned prior to this, but they’re good institutions which have managed to prove that their students can be just as successful as any of the IITians.

    But do remember that even if you don’t get into any of these colleges, don’t be discouraged. There are numerous instances which prove that your institution plays only about 15% of a role towards your success. The remaining 75% is all YOUR hard work and YOUR dedication. Of course it may take longer than you thought it might, but once you get it, I’m sure you’ll find it worth the wait and the hours of toiling.

    I hope you found this useful, and my sincere best wishes rest with you. All the best!!

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     Siva Sashidaran 
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    Hello there.

    I believe every student undergoes this confusion at the end of their 12th standard. The problem with engineering is mainly that there is quantity but not quality. If you want to be an engineer, make sure you actually do what an engineer is meant to do. It is to innovate and invent. So there definitely is value for engineering and quality engineers.

    Coming to the top engineering colleges in India, you can refer to the NIRF rankings released by the MHRD. You will observe that the IITs bag almost all of the top 10 spots (obviously). After the IITs, I would recommend the old NITs, chiefly Surathkal, Warangal and Trichy. You then have colleges like College of Engineering Pune, DA-IICT, IIIT-H and IIIT-B, DTU, etc.

    Coming to the private universities, leading the pack is BITS Pilani, VIT University, SRM University and Manipal University. I can personally vouch for VIT University’s quality as I am a student at its Chennai Campus.

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     Saksham . 
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    Hello Srithi,

    First of all its a damn wrong way to put this statement like “no value for engineering”, the thing is that in India engineering field is flooded with young which raises the competition as well make easy for the employers to redundant the previous employees and take new employees demanding less salary. So if you love this field then no matter what happens their will always be scope for you.

    So Now lets talk about top engineering colleges :-

    1. All the IITs as usual

    These are some colleges with links please click on them for further information.

    Hope it helps 🙂

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     Ashfaq Ahmed Farook 
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    There is value for every course. The scenario is like you need to choose the best colleges with 100% placement. I hope you have written JEE Main exams. There are lot of extraordinary universities like UPES, CU, DU, VIT, SRM, etc. Have a clear view about your aim to proceed.

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     Akshay Kothari 
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    There are many engineering colleges in India. But only few of them are among the top list.

    Checkout the Top 75 Engineering Colleges in India.

    Nowadays, many of the students choose Engineering, thus they seek for the colleges that can be the best match with their requirements.

    Below I have provided the top 10 best engineering colleges of India:

    1. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
    2. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
    3. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
    4. Delhi Technological University
    5. Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
    6. National Institute of Technology Karnataka
    7. University of Delhi
    8. Indian School of Mines University
    9. Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
    10. Manipal Institute of Technology

    Before taking admission you must first check the eligibility criteria for each of the colleges.

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