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    This question is based on the following passage.
    Cold water does not quench one`s thirst as effectively as water at room temperature does. On the other hand, cold water is better for taking a bath with as compared to bathing with water at room temperature.

    Which of the following most closely parallels the reasoning above?

    Options :-

    1. Eating at a restaurant offers a pleasant ambience but is an expensive outing. Eating at home ensures more whole some and nutritious food, and is less expensive.
    2. Oranges are a richer source of sugar and vitamin C than are apples. However apples have a higher percentage of pesticides compared to oranges.
    3. Tea is the more popular beverage in China than is coffee. On the hand, coffee is the preferred beverage in the western world.
    4. Traveling by air is not as cheap as traveling by road. However, traveling by road is slower than traveling by air.
    5. Walking is not as good a source of exercise as working out at the gymnasium is. However, walking has greater all round benefits than working out at the gymnasium.
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