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    The real significance of biological evolution has not been grasped by the people in general. It is that man is a part of organic nature, subject to laws of development and growth, laws which he cannot break with impunity. It is his business to study the forces of Nature and to conquer his environment by submitting to the inevitable. Only then will man gain control of the conditions which affect his own well-being.

    Sickness, we know, is the result of breaking some law of universal nature. What that law may be, investigators in scores of laboratories are endeavoring to determine. In most diseases they have been successful. Those remaining are being attacked on all sides, and it may be confidently predicted that a few years will see success assured. Why, then, does sickness continue to be the greatest drain upon individual and national resources? Because man, through ignorance or unbelief, will not avail himself of this knowledge, or is behind the times in his method. Where wisdom means effort and discomfort, many feel it folly to be wise.

    The author of the passage is likely to disagree with the statement:

    Options :-

    1. Man has been ignorant at times, when it comes to understanding the laws of nature.

    2. Men may choose to be lazy when it may be required that one needs to put in a lot of effort to infer the true laws of nature.

    3. The knowledge of mankind is abreast with the current laws of nature.

    4. Resources of nations are laid waste by disease.

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