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    The passage implies all of the following about Meth addiction except:

    Options :-

    1. Binging overdose, caused by failure of the body to rid itself of the drug, can result in death.
    2. The drug works by inducing feelings of intense ecstasy in the user.
    3. The drug can take up to twenty four hours to metabolize out of the human body.
    4. Long term side effects of Meth abuse are possibly immitigable.
    5. At times, it is well nigh impossible to distinguish an addict from a psychotic.
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     Mihai Platon 
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    Well, I reckon the third one is not correct. To my knowledge, the half-life of methamphetamine is an average of 10 hours, meaning that it takes 10 hours for half of the ingested dose to be metabolized and eliminated from the bloodstream. So, that would be 20 hours in total, and not 24. However, since it’s an approximation, I think this might actually be correct. But at the same time, I don’t feel like the other options are wrong either. By the way, since we’re talking about meth, I wanted to share with you that I’m willing to find the best rehab center. Can you guys suggest any? And how was your experience?

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