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    The flame of burning bodies consists of such inflammable matter in the act of combustion as is capable of existing in a gaseous state. When all circumstances are favorable to the complete combustion of the products, the flame is perfect; if this is not the case, part of the combustible body, capable of being converted into the gaseous state, passes through the luminous flame unburnt, and exhibits the appearance of smoke. Soot therefore always indicates an imperfect combustion. Hence, flame is produced from those inflammable substances only, which are either totally volatile when heat is applied to them, so as not to alter their chemical habitudes—or which contain a quantity of combustible matter that is readily volatilized into vapour by heat, or the elements necessary for producing such vapour or gaseous products, when the chemical constitution of the body is altered by an increase of temperature. And hence the flame of bodies is nothing else than the inflammable product, either in a vaporous or in a permanently elastic gaseous state. Thus originates the flame of wood and coal, when they are burned in their crude state. They contain the elements of a quantity of inflammable matter, which is capable of assuming the gaseous state by the application of heat, and subsequent new chemical arrangements of their constituent parts.

    The author is most likely to agree with:

    Options :-

    1. the flame of a burning body consists of inflammable matter only

    2. the nature of a flame of a burning body depends on the kind of matter it consists of .

    3. gaseous flames indicate perfect inflammable matter.

    4. wood and coal would always burn without any smoke.

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