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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    I have no interest in accounting. Which stream should I choose for MBA?

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    marketing and human resource are other stream you can opt. if you have interest in both fields.

    Marketing is closer to the revenue of a business. Generally, companies consider marketing as Profit-center and HR as Cost-center. If you do well in marketing, your contribution would be easily recognized by top management.

    HR has some advantages as well. If everyone starts thinking like the above points, you would get less competition in HR :). So, with lesser efforts, you can easily grow in HR career ladder also. Btw, most of the top managers need to learn HR skills over the time because they need to hire, fire, retain & mentor employees & team

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     Shraddha Goel 

    At the school level, you can choose science or humanities if you don’t want to study accounting to be able to do MBA.

    At the graduation level, you can pursue any Honours degree except B.Com. You will have to clear CAT which does not need you to know accounting.

    For MBA itself, you can specialise in Marketing, HR, Operations management etc.

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     Olivia Das 

    MBA streams in india are:

    1. Human Resource (HR) Management
    2. Finance Management
    3. Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
    4. Oil and Gas Management
    5. Tea Management
    6. Energy Management
    7. Entrepreneurship Management
    8. Telecom Management
    9. Retail Management
    10. Textile Management
    11. Sports Management
    12. Tourism Management
    13. IT Management
    14. Shipping Port Management
    15. Operations Management
    16. Risk Management
    17. Rural Management
    18. Brand Management
    19. Business Analytics
    20. Environment Management
    21. Biotechnology Management
    22. Business Process Management
    23. Logistics Management
    24. Production Management
    25. Product Management
    26. Strategic Management
    27. Supply Chain Management
    28. Marketing Management
    29. Knowledge Management
    30. Industrial Management
    31. Quality Management
    32. Hotel Management
    33. Hospital Management
    34. Facility Management
    35. Fashion Management
    36. Healthcare Management
    37. Export Management
    38. Event Management
    39. Communication Management
    40. Construction Management
    41. Customer Relationship Management
    42. Co-operative Management
    43. Dairy Management
    44. Design Management
    45. Disaster Management
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