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     Matthew Wolf 


    I’m a student in the 11th grade. I have pretty good grades and my teachers and family think I’m sort of smart. But I always feel like I can do so much better if I do what I need to do on time. I am constantly procrastinating my tasks and end up finishing assignments and studying that requires days in a few hours. While it’s a cool feat, I know that had I put in the effort at the right time I would have had better results, since I have a meticulous personality when I actually do something right. How do i get rid of this nasty habit of procrastination?

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     Parag Patle 

    Usually when people ask about beating procrastination, it is because procrastination affects their productivity. They have several goals or to-do list for that day, which gets delayed due to this. In your case, I would say, the information provided is incomplete. You haven’t mentioned things you do while procrastinating, or something else that you want to pursue other than your academics which you could have if it wasn’t for procrastination. Still, I would like to share with you some tips, that you can do to avoid this nasty habit.

    Get up early and make a to-do list for that day. In the end of the day, check that list you created that morning and see how much you have achieved. Carry forward the tasks that you missed on that day to the next day. As you see your list growing, your conscience will wake up from deep slumber and get you to finish the work. If that can’t work, then God Bless You my friend.

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    First i would like to suggest you dont degrade your self and understand that this habbit is a part of growing up in most of the teenagers. Different people have different minds , the good thing here is that you know your plus point that you can learn and adapt faster then others, I understand that procrastination reduces your productivity but on the other hand you have a sharp mind .Now there are various ways which can help you. I would not want you to go for those simple ways which you can easily find on google. So first understand why do you delay it ? is it because you dont like studying much , or is it because you know you can learn faster , or is it just the laziness. First we need to understand the root of the problem,  then only we can find a fixed solution. The common ways which you would be reading everywhere , would help you but for the long run we need to understand the root . Remember you need to fight with this with a will to win.Imagine it is just one of your video game enemy stopping you to finish your level. Prove urself and win , everytime you have a thought that you can do it later , remind yourself that no you have to do it now and move to the next level. Try and get that adernal rush within you

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    Hello there!

    I would like to say that even I was a procrastinator at some point of my life but now I have successfully reduced it to a fair extent. I would like to share some trick which greatly helped me.

    The 2 minute rule. This is one of the best tricks you can use to overcome procrastination. If there is some task that could be completed well under 2 minutes you should do it IMMEDIATELY. This takes a bit of practice but is ideal to get small errands done.

    Next, instead of deciding the number of hours you put into study, try and fix exactly what you are going to study. In this way you free yourself from that time bound . After you finish that task reward yourself with something small.

    The idea of studying the whole day is unrealistic. So do set clear and logical goals and you’ll find that you can achieve them much easily.

    Finally, you should try cultivating some will power and concentration. You can always try a meditative approach for this.

    Hope this helps! Best of Luck.

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     Rashim Bagga 


    Everyone becomes a victim of procrastination sometime or the other so dont beat yourself up. Also I think i can at least suggest some tips that helped me get rid of it. First off, start with the “5 minute rule”. Anytime you’re doing something, do 5 extra of that. If you’re doing math, before closing the book solve extra 5 questions. If you’re running, before finishing your run, run for extra 5 minutes.It actually helps. Second, when you’re about to study, plan out portions you aim to finish in that particular sitting. Force yourself to not move before finishing that bit. You may walk off if it gets done in 10 minutes, but dont get up before completing it. Also, keep rewarding yourself with little treats when you successfully meet your deadlines.

    Don’t worry!

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