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    Arpit Raj Mall Arpit Raj Mall 
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    Job creation is directly proportional to economic growth. When the economy is growing, jobs are created in plenty in almost all the sectors, thereby improving the standard of living. However, there are many jobs, which depend on the state of the economy and in bad times, we see downsizing of workforce in many sectors. So, can all types of career survive bad economy or are there any evergreen, always sought after stable careers? Please share your thoughts.

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    Shraddha Goel Shraddha Goel 
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    Hello Sir. You are indeed correct to point out that growth ensures creation of jobs. However India also witnesses a jobless growth, especially that was visible during 2005-10.

    There are a few jobs which are in demand even through a bad economy. They are mentioned below:

    1. Medical Professionals
    2. Mental Health Providers
    3. Energy Industry
    4. Law enforcement
    5. Internet Professionals
    6. College professors
    7. Senior Care Providers
    8. Pharmacists
    9. IT staff
    10. International Business Professionals

    Thank you.

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