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    What is the meaning of the idiom Snake in the grass?

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    The following idiom, a snake in the grass is used to refer to a person who betrays or pretends to be affected by friendship with the intent to deceive.

    An example would be-

    I trusted John with my personal details, but he turned out to be a snake in the grass.



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     Shubham Gupta 

    someone who pretends to be your friend while secretly doing things to harm you It’s upsetting to learn that someone you once viewed as a good colleague is in fact a snake in the grass.

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    Someone evil camouflaging as someone beneficial. Snake, being the form of Satan is considered an evil spirit while grass is beneficial, green, soothing.. So the idiom is used to refer someone posing to be good but in reality is a backstabber..

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     Hannan Satopay 

    Hello Saurabh,

    The idiom ‘Snake in the grass’ is used to refer to a sneaky and despised person. For example: Did you hear that Daria’s best friend stole money from her bankaccount? What a snake in the grass.

    You can use the following website to search the meaning behind the idioms:

    It is a great website where you just have to enter the idiom in the search bar to get the meaning of the idiom with examples of the same as well.

    All the best for your future endeavours!

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    We use this idiom to refer to people who pretend to be your friend but in fact they’re just present to cause you harm.

    For example, a person you thought was your friend was just using you to get some kind of information, so we could say that your friend was a snake in the grass.


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     Akchay V 

    Common idiom used to deliver the act of betrayal. If our friend acts to bring us down without our knowledge this is used


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     Harshita Singh 

    A shady, conniving person who could strike at anytime without a warning.

    Another similar idiom is GORILLA IN THE MIST.

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     Mohit Rathee 

    A sneaky and despised person.

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     Ritika Sharma 

    this idiom means a treacherous person, who secretly betrays you.

    for eg. your best friend applied for the same job as you and nobody knew it. this means he was a snake in the grass.

    Thank you

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