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    Radhika Tanika Radhika Tanika 
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    Can  you please help me with Similar Triangle Concepts. And What type of questions can be asked in CAT from this Topic.


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    Pulkit Sharma Pulkit Sharma 
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    Hi Radhika,

    Triangles are similar if they have the same shape, but can be different sizes.
    (They are still similar even if one is rotated, or one is a mirror image of the other). Triangles are similar if:

    1. AAA (angle angle angle)
      All three pairs of corresponding angles are the same.
    2. SSS in same proportion (side side side)
      All three pairs of corresponding sides are in the same proportion.
    3. SAS (side angle side)
      Two pairs of sides in the same proportion and the included angle equal.

    Sample questions related to this topic can be found through:


    All the best!!

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    Piyush Rai Piyush Rai 
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    Hey Radhika,

    You can check out these links:

    Hope this helps 🙂

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