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    I have done BE in electronics and comm. from Nagpur university and have 2.5 years of work ex as an SAP consultant

    I am planning to do MBA course and aiming for top colleges like ISB and Harward.

    I am not sure if I can get a call from these colleges even if I score big in GMAT. Can you give me some idea about what is required to get through these?
    Is going for CAT a good option or having work ex 5+ and going to these universities through GMAT better?
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     Olivia Das 
    Sections and General Rules to attempt the examinationAnalytical Writing Assessment,
    Integrated Reasoning,
    Quantitative and Verbal
    – The test adjusts itself according to your own ability level, which starts from medium difficulty level and goes higher with each correct answer choice.
    – Your abilities are then measured on the basis of number of questions you have answered, the level of accuracy and difficulty.

    – Candidates can  reappear after 16 days of attempt.
    – No more than 5 attempts are allowed over a stretch of 12 months.

    CAT preparation requires proficiency in Quantitative Aptitude,
    Data Interpretation,
    Logical Reasoning
    Verbal Ability.
    It can be given once every year and the candidate is tested among all the applicants.
    Sections, duration and number of questions


    Analytical Writing – 30 minutes. Total 90 Questions – Integrated reasoning (12), Quantitative (37) and Verbal Section (41).Verbal Ability- 34 Questions
    Data Interpretation/Logical Reasoning- 32 Questions
    Quantitative Aptitude- 34 Questions
    Total Duration210 Minutes180 minutes

    Final Verdict – The syllabus of CAT and GMAT are almost the same. However, the difficulty of the Quant section of GMAT is far lesser than that of CAT. Similarly in the Verbal Section, there are more types of questions in GMAT. When it comes to the length of the exam, one definitely needs to be patient.
    Our Verdict : CAT Vs GMAT = Maths vs English


    CAT Vs GMAT: Money

                                                             GMAT vs CAT
    Fee for GMAT exam- $250 (Rs 15000)Fee for CAT Exam Registration – Rs 2000
    Average Fee of 1 year MBA- Rs 20,00,000-65,00,000Average Fee of 2 Year MBA- Rs 12,00,000
    Average Salary-Rs 65,00,000Average Salary- Rs 15,00,000 PA

    Final Verdict- If you have the capital to afford an MBA abroad, the return on Investment is much higher than one in India.
    Our Verdict: CAT vs GMAT= Hole in the pocket vs Sell that house.


    CAT vs GMAT: Competition

                                                               GMAT vs CAT
    Number of applicants for GMAT every year- 60,000Number of applicants for CAT every year- 1,70,000
    Percentage of students getting admission in top B-schools- 10%Percentage of students getting admission in top B-schools- 1%

    Final Verdict- The competition for top B-schools is much less than the competition in India.
    CAT vs GMAT= 1 in 100 vs 10 in 100.


    CAT vs GMAT: Validity, eligibility and Post Exam Procedures

                                                          GMAT vs CAT
    Validity of GMAT score- 5 yearsValidity of CAT score- 1 year
    Work experience required- Min. two yearsWork experience required- No work-ex required
    Post exam- SOPs and essays followed by PI (Online or Physical)Post exam- GD/PI or written assessment followed by Personal Interview

    Final Verdict – For working professionals, GMAT is a good option. Even students can prepare and give the exam during Under Graduation and join a B-School later. However, if you don’t want to waste your time working and directly want to jump into the big leagues, CAT is a much better option.

    P.S.: According to me with your experience, you can wait for GMAT, because in any foreign university or college, 5years + experience is optimum!

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