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    DiPaolo said it’s flavors like these, specifically blueberry, that helped her dissociate e-cigarette use from regular smoking. Garden METRC Specialist I moved to Colorado, like so many people, to get into the cannabis industry. And like so many people I quickly realized that without the opportunity to network ahead of time or without prior commercial cannabis industry experience getting a foot in the door was going to be extremely difficult. That is where Hemp Temps came it. Through awesome supervisors, office staff and owners I quickly learned trimming techniques, harvest operations and even parts of growhouse operations. I got a chance to see how facilities operated from Pueblo all the way up to Boulder. I worked hard to do my best which was noticed and rewarded with a supervisor position…another great learning and growing opportunity. Working with HT really gave me the foot in the door that I needed to achieve the goals I was trying to achieve. After about a year of working with them I got hired on as a grow tech at an amazing grow. Now in my current job my responsibilities include ordering temps. Dealing with Nick, one of the Territory Managers at HT, has been a pleasure. Despite the occasional unpredictability of working with live plants as well as some human error Nick and the office staff have been very helpful and understanding with last minute ordering changes and individual temp requests. Without HT the grow would not run as smoothly as it does. Having worked beside other trimming companies I would, without a doubt, recommend Hemp Temps to any grow needing a temp staff. Essentria IC3 Insecticide is a mix of various horticultural oils which are organic and safe for humans. It is often marketed as a “bed bug killer” but it can be effective against many bugs, including spider mties, when the plants are treated regularly. Unfortunately, it only stays effective on the plant for about 8-12 hours so you will want to either apply this daily or (better idea) combine with other options. You will need a mister (also called a “One-Hand Pressure Sprayer”) to spray all the leaves evenly. Carprofen Caplets 25 mg. In the vegging stage, the plant does not grow buds/flowers at all. Gas bottle and regulator for gassing cornie kegs. Bottle is full of co2.

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