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     sristhi Arya 

    Hey I am 1st year Engineering Student. I am confused of when I should start applying for Internship.

    What is the right time for doing internship.

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     Aniket Rege 

    Hi Sristhi,

    Internships are the most valuable way to connect the theoretical knowledge you obtain in your classroom to its application in the real world, IE the industrial market. As a first year student, however, I feel its much more important to discover your passion; a field that you love and want to create things in. The sooner you find this, the better. First year, and even second year, is a time to learn as much as you can in many diverse fields, to see what you like doing. So in my opinion, if you do not yet know what you love, learn new things. Try your hand at web or app development. Maybe some competitive coding. Or if you’re into the mechanical side, learn how engines and control systems are designed. Find your passion. Everything else will follow after that.

    If you are one of the lucky few to have found it already, pursue it in every way that you can. If you find an internship that deals with your subject of interest, definitely go for it. But the priority is definitely to find what you love doing. So my personal advice to you would be to utilise your time learning new things and finding out what you really want to do. Internships will definitely happen, but it is very important to realise what you wish to work on in the future.

    Hope this answered your question. Cheers!

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     Shraddha Goel 

    I would suggest you that you should, as an Engineering student, do two to three internships a year.

    One should be related specifically to your subjects and the practical aspect of it so that you get an on the job training and later it will be easier for you to find good jobs as you will hold some if not a lot of work experience.

    Next internship should be related to Content Writing/Creative writing as no matter what you field, you must be able to write well and hence express your thoughts, ideas and beliefs in an organised, effective and manipulative manner. This will always help you in your personal and professional life.

    The final internship should be related to societal work/NGOs/Social welfare. I say this because this will help you develop your soft skills, understanding of others’ problems/perspectives which is equally necessary when you find a job and meet 100 new people every day.

    Do this for 3-4 years and your CV will not only reflect your achievements, but also bring about a change in you as well in a holistic manner.

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     Alisha Qureshi 

    Hii srishti ,

    An internship is something which allows you to develop certain skills and at the same time allows you to have an experience for a job that you might want to do in future.you can also earn along with it various companies have paid internship for students ,so I suggest it would be good for your future prospects to make connections and gain experience if you start an internship right now along with your college .

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     Shravya H.M. 

    Irrespective of the stream of your engineering course, there is limited practical knowledge that can be gained from college, labs or even self-studying. Working as an intern in any field of interest could help you explore a potential career path without needing to be too invested in it, without your life depending on the salary you take home from it, but by solely exploring a new field with a hands on approach and learning practically.

    If you look for internships in a mechanical or chemical field, there are chances that you may not get to be directly involved with the operations being performed for safety reasons, but there is an immense amount of knowledge to be gained by observation and by communicating with the experienced blue and white collar professionals there. Most of these people love teaching students what they know. Some of them do not. So make your acquaintances wisely, because these people can be a treasure trove of knowledge.

    There are several start-ups looking to hire students as free lancers for graphic design, content writing, web designing, etc. If you have any skills that you would like to improve or work on, this is the perfect time to do so. College is the best place to make new connections and hone your skills, so be alert and pick up any cues for you to demonstrate your talents and pick up internships or part time jobs.

    Interning from the first year itself will teach you how valuable these experiences can be and will push you to explore more fields. By the end of engineering, you would have gained immense knowledge from your college education and your internships, allowing you to make the best decision in your career. You would also have a CV full of initiatives that you have taken to delve deeper into your fields of interest, which is appreciated by both companies coming for placements, as well as universities.

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    Being in the first year of Engineering, I would suggest you learn as much as possible about your stream, gather as much knowledge as possible in your field of interest. Not just curriculum text books also spend a good amount of time over the internet so that you get to know the practical aspects of what you learn. First year of engineering is about making your basics strong, so do stick to it. According to me the ideal time to start an internship is somewhere between the second year. Internships are a great opportunity to apply what you have learnt in your classrooms. It also gives you an exposure about the professional working environment. Internships are about using your passion towards productivity.

    However, if you are good at things like programming, writing good content, marketing , graphics designing etc. You can always apply for internships. There are plenty of online platforms that provide internship opportunities to individuals having productive skill set. So look for your passion and hobbies and try to use them productively! If you want internships based only upon your stream of study, then you need to wait till the end of 2nd year because that’s when core subjects would be taught.

    The best thing would be to work on your skills and hobbies such that they can fetch you internships. Internships are a great way to assess yourself and also adds a boost to your CV !

    Hope this helps! Best of Luck.

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    Internships are a major part of one’s CV.And being a b.tech student I have known every student at some point or the other has this question in their mind.I’m a final year student and according to me college is obviously all about having fun but that also doesn’t mean that we don’t have to study at all.There is always a right time for everything and its the same for training or internship.During the first two years of college, we just need to discover our talent and then start working on it.We all have our different approach and area of interest.Accordingly, we can look for internships.Also, we can look for training, where we get to learn about our interest or course.So according to me during the third year of b.tech, one can go for internships or training.Because by this time we are well known with our interest field and can enhance our knowledge by getting into a suitable platform for internship.Internships play a very important role in the development of ones interest and also refects in your cv.

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     Vivek Mishra 

    First of all, it is very impressive that you are looking for internships from the first year onwards, as very less student opt that comparing to other options. Being an engineering student, you will have ample of time during those 4 years. Now about Internships, your first    preference should be in the field you have good knowledge of. As to begin earlier, you must get selected to start. Once you have been through any Internship, this experience will be helpful in upcoming future.After this there are some specific field which will help you develop your personality and other skills, these fields are like one to be particularly related to your branch, social media marketing, content generating and other type of your interest.


    Hopeful that you liked it.

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    Honestly the simple answer would be whenever you feel like it and get one but you must be sure that you would be able to manage both your internship and courses in your college.let me elaborate a bit further.

    Why Internship?

    By doing this you will know yourself more clearly, where you stand w.r.t the industrial needs and what changes you need in yourself. You will learn to work under mentors/seniors/managers. It will develop your tolerance power, patience, group work abilities, etc. It will be a whole new experience.

    You can do it whenever you want to, when you think you must have to do it. But Indian Govt. has made Internship compulsory before joining a company so you have to do it in your 7th/8th semester. If you are willing for an internship, the right time to do it starts when you’ve completed your 1st year else after completion of 2nd year (most suitable). If you go like doing internship after completion of 1st year, you can do 3-4 internships and that will be too much beneficial I think with almost every kind of experience.

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    Companies normally look for an intern during sem breaks but not neccessary. Actually there is no such time for starting an internship. It is good to start early as you will experience certain new things. Engaging yourself with some or the other work is neccessary nowadays. It will make you more stronger to face problems. Yeah, also will encourage you to work hard.

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