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    Rifeng silicone rubber insulated cable-60245 IEC 03(YG)

    1. Product description:

    The silicone rubber insulated cable is made of high-quality silicone rubber and high-purity tinned copper stranded wire, which has the advantages of high and low temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation. Rifeng 60245 IEC 03 (YG) is a 3C certified heat-resistant silicone rubber Insulated wires and cables.

    Product model: 60245 IEC 03 (YG)
    Product specifications: 0.5MM2 ~ 16MM2
    Executive standard: GB/T 5013.3-2008/IEC 60245-3:1994
    Rated voltage: 300/ 500V
    Rated temperature: -50℃~+180℃
    Conductor: tinned copper wire
    Insulation: Silicone rubber
    Sheath: glass fiber braided + silicone resin

    2. Product features:

    1. It has excellent high tear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, liquid resistance, oil resistance, ultraviolet resistance, ozone resistance and weather resistance; excellent flexibility and low unit volume weight;
    2. High flexibility, the product is very soft and has good elasticity;
    3. High safety: excellent electrical insulation performance, high resistance to high voltage corona and arc discharge;
    4. High mechanical strength;
    5. Environmental protection: non-toxic, tasteless, stable chemical performance, in line with ROHS, REACH and other standards.

    3. Product use:

    It is suitable for household appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic equipment, temperature sensors, aerospace, aviation, military products, metallurgy and chemical industry, automobiles and ships, electric heating products, instrumentation, heavy industry machinery, power installation and other connecting lines.

    <b>Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd</b>
    Addr:Guangfeng Industrial Zone, West district,Zhongshan ,Guangdong ,China

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