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    One should have these minimum requirements
    1 Demonstrate Academic Excellence HOW?
    Maintain a high GPA. Get high scores on the SAT or ACT and AP tests.

    2 Have Impressive Extra-Curricular Activities
    Though your grades and scores will prove that you are capable of academic excellence, your extra curricular activities will make you stand out as a unique individual who is invested in pursuing his interests. eg Stand out by joining a sport or the school band.

    3 Prepare a Stellar Application
    Write an essay on a topic important to you. Your essay should do two main things: it should show the admissions officers what an original, interesting, and driven person you are, and that you have top-notch writing skills

    Have the best teacher evaluations.
    Harvard requires you to submit two teacher evaluations to give more insight into your performance in the classroom. Pick two teachers who know you well and have a unique perspective on your strengths in your classroom and your character.

    in The end, do your best and impress those admission officers 🙂

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    hi i am Aditya, studying b.com, 3 year
    i want know What are the requirements for Harvard business school admission?

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