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     Arpit Raj Mall 
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    My Child Mr. Abhishek continually studying from 1st stud to 10th stud in Army Public School. He got 8.4 CGPA in 10th from Army Public School Ahmednagar. He is interested to take admission in 11th with PCM but no schools are ready to provided admission with PCM stream and why? If i is impossible here to take admission so how and where he will study with PCM!!

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     Piyush Rai 
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    Why don’t you continue with Army Public School itself. It is one of the best and very disciplined. Many times it happens for students studying in Public School, most of the KVs don’t take admissions. You can try for some public school itself. I know it might be on a bit higher side, but I guess that is the only left option.

    Thank you

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     Shraddha Goel 
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    I think that the school should give admission at this CGPA. Write an application to the administration regarding the same. Otherwise you can try any government school and the admission will be given. Private schools usually take an entrance exam and then allot the stream so you can try that too. 🙂

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     Shubham Gupta 
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    Don’t worry. Schools will trouble you to extract money in form of donations. See where your son wants to study remaining two years are very important for your child it can either make him or break him. Dont compromise on schooling at this stage.

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     Adarsh Rana 
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    Your child’s cgp is absolutely fine. I m not getting why schools are not providing that child with science. Contact administration or write application to education ministry of your city. Private schools these days are doing whatever they want. If nothing happens,then continue with army school. Its one of the best cbse school out there.

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