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    Read the passage and then determine the best choice for an answer from the questions given below. Base your choice on what this passage states directly or implies, not on any information you may have got from elsewhere. “The emancipation of women”, James Joyce told one of his friends, “has caused the greatest revolution in our time.” Other modernists agree: Virginia Woolf, claiming that in about 1910 “human character changed” and illustrating the new balance between the sexes, urged, “Read the ‘Agamemon’ and see whether your sympathies are not almost entirely with Clytemnestra”. D.H. Lawrence wrote “perhaps the deepest fight for 200 years and more has been the fight for women’s independence”. But if modernist writers considered women’s revolt against men’s domination as one of their “greatest” and “deepest” themes, only recently, perhaps in the past 15 years has literary criticism begun to catch up with it. Not that the images of sexual antagonism that abound in modem literature have gone unremarkedfar from it. We are able to see in literary works the perspective we bring to them and now that women are enough to make a difference in reforming canons and interpreting literature, the landscapes of literary history and the features of individual books have begun to change.

    Which of the following titles best describes the contents of the passage?

    Options :-

    1. Modernist Writers and the Search for Equality
    2. The meaning of Literature, from 1910 onwards
    3. Transforming Literature
    4. None of the options
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