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    Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are printed in bold to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions.

    Every morning the men of the village would nick into a hearty breakfast and then gather in groups. If the men had spent even a little time on their land, they would have reaped wonderful crops but they spent the day telling each other tall tales about the food they would have at the next meal. They returned home only at lunch and dinnertime. All responsibilities fell on the women. They cooked, cleaned, sent the children to school, worked in the fields, took the crops to the market – in short, they did everything. The women grew tired of this. Some one suggested writing to the King, who was known to be fair and kind. So a letter was written and sent. The women went back to their work, but were on the lookout to see if the King would solve their problem. Many days passed, and slowly the women began to lose hope. After all, why would the King of such a vast empire be concerned about the plight of a few women in a tiny village like theirs?

    One night, when the men gathered to chat and boast after dinner, a tall and handsome stranger joined them. Each man wanted to prove he was better than the others to impress him. One said, “As soon as I was bom, I ran to the capital and met the King.’ Not to be outdone, a second man said, “When I was a day old, I rode a horse all the way to the King’s palace and we had the most delicious breakfast together.” At the thought of food everyone began to applaud. Now a third man said, “I sat on an elephant when I was a week old and had lunch with the King in his palace. “Before the admiring murmurs could die down, a fourth one said, “When I was a month old I flew to the King’s garden. He let me sit with him on his throne!”

    The stranger then spoke up. “Do you four men know the King very well?” “Of course we do !” they replied together. “In fact, he is proud to have supernatural beings like us in his kingdom.” The stranger looked thoughtful and said, “Some time ago, the king called four supermen to the city in order to repair the city walls. Since the largest, toughest stones were used, this could be done only by these supermen. The four asked to be paid in gold and the King gave them the money. But they disappeared and I have been wandering the kingdom looking for them. The King has ordered me to find them and bring them back to the capital to finish the work. They will also have to return the gold they ran away with. It looks like my search has finally ended. I will take you four to the King, along with the gold you stole from him. I shall be the rich one now.”

    By the time the stranger finished telling this amazing story, the men’s faces were ashen. What trouble had their lies landed them in? They dived at the stranger’s feet. ‘Forget what we said!’ they wailed. Those were all lies. We are just lazy men.” the stranger smiled. “I will tell the king there are no supermen in this village, only hard-working, ordinary men and women. But he will come to verify this himself!” The men promised to stop telling tales and do some honest work. That night the stranger left the village on a white horse fit to belong to the King!
    What motivated the men to begin working?
    (A) They felt bad that the women were overworked.
    (B) The stranger threatened them with imprisonment for their idleness.
    (C) They wanted to impress the stranger.

    Options :-

    1. Both (A) & (B)
    2. Only (A)
    3. Only (C)
    4. None of these
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