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     Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain parts are given in bold to answer some of the questions based on the passage.

    One of the most important things to notice about the power of art is the way in which great works continue to exert their influence through the ages. Scientific discoveries which are of major importance ath the time they are made are superseded. Thus, Newton’s theory of gravitation has been superseded by Einstein’s theory of relativity. Hence the work of great scientists has value in stages on the way to a goal which supersedes them. Broadly speaking, the achievements of generals, politicians, and statesmen have an importance only in their own time.

    Hence these people and their acts, great as they may have been are like milestones which mankind passes on its way to something else. They may be juxtaposed in future but then, only to praise the contemporary work. But with work of art it is not so. The place which they occupy in the estimation of succeeding ages and the power which they exercise over men’s spirit are as great as they were in the age which produced them; indeed, their power tends to increase with time, as they came to be better understood.

    What is meant by “CONTEMPORARY”

    Options :-

    1. preposterous

    2. outmoded

    3. defunct

    4. modern

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