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    Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

    All sources of energy upon which industry depends are wasted when they are employed, and industry is expending them at a continuously increasing rate. Already fuel has been largely replaced by oil and oil is being used up so fast that the east and the west alike configure it to be necessary for their prosperity. And what is true of oil is equally of other natural resources. Every day in fact, many miles of forests are turned into newspapers but there is no lone process by which newspapers can be turned into forest. You will say that this need not worry us since newspapers will be replaced by the radio, but the radio required electricity and electricity requires fuel raw materials.

    The statement ‘many miles of forests are turned into newspapers’ means-

    Options :-

    1. many miles of forest have become as dry as newspaper.

    2. Devastation of vast Area of forests is a newsworthy item..

    3. a good part of forest have been felled and converted into newsprint.

    4. large Number of trees in forest converted into raw materials to supply power for the machine that print newspaper.

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