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    Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. Instances are not wanting of criminals being caught red-handed by the public who thrash them before the police arrive on the scene. Similarly, if criminals are apprehended by the police, the public expect the latter to thrash them publicly to send a strong message to other criminals. The police fulfill the demand on some occasions either for name or fame which satisfies the public hunger for instant justice since the judicial process takes its own time. 

    Quite often, instant police action finds public approval, especially when it involves criminals. The police action of gunning down a few dacoits in Chennai a few months ago attracted public adulation. About 80 per cent of the readers approved the police action, saying the criminals did not deserve to be in society considering the serious crimes they committed.

    In some instances, policemen are hailed as heroes when notorious criminals are gunned down in an encounter and the worth of policemen increases in the eyes of their peers and the public when they initiate such action. In Rajkot, a few weeks ago, a police party was assaulted by the general public since it refused to beat up the criminals in front of them.

    Unfortunately, the lawkeeper cannot be the lawbreaker and his actions in public or in the confines of the police station are as illegal as the actions of the criminals themselves. Instant justice as sought by the public is no deterrent against crime, nor can it be justified. Policemen have to realise that their actions are culpable and they are likely to face criminal trial. Many policemen are languishing in jail for their unlawful action which went beyond their realm of duties. No member of the public would come forward to defend their actions. They have to fond for themselves.

    Which of the following conclusions can be arrived at from the passage?

    Options :-

    1. Thrashing of criminals in public view by policemen is an unlawful act.

    2. The slow judicial process is the actual reason behind the imprisonment of some policemen.

    3. The policemen are irresponsible citizens and cannot differentiate between the right and the wrong.

    4. The public should be blamed as the reason for the incarceration of the policemen

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