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    Read the following passage and answer the questions given below each of them.

    For all the talk about U.S. cultural, economic and military dominance, there is one scientific area in which America may not become a superpower: stem¬cell research. And who might be? Britain.

    Recently the country’s Medical Research Council (MRC) unveiled plans for the t J.K Stem Cell Bank in Hertfordshire — the world’s first for storing and supplying tissue from human embryos and aborted fetuses to be used to repair diseased and damaged parts of the body. Though stem cells can be obtained from adult tissue, it is very important to experiment with cells from fetuses and embryos also, if stem-cell research is to be translated into specific therapies in humans. But anti-abortionists and some religious groups oppose any research on human embryos and fetuses. It was pressure from these organizations that led the Bush Administration in August 2001 to limit scientists receiving federal funds from using anything other than a restricted set of approved steni-cell lines — a collection of identical stem cells that can be expanded for both research and transplantation. There are no such restrictions in Britain. Bush has locked the U.S. into an earlier stage of technology, and researchers from other countries are going to use much more useful stem-cell lines.

    While U.S. companies enjoyed an early lead in stem¬cell research and the U.S. can clearly outstrip smaller countries in government and private funding, American scientists now find themselves being left behind. The U.K is going forward intelligently, and since they can test cell lines that we cannot, the intellectual property rights will flow there.

    It is believed that the U.K is likely to be among the first to move into human clinical trials of stem-cell therapies because the stem-cell lines being developed in Britain will be more advanced. The approved human stem-cell lines in the U.S. all have mouse cells in the culture, which is not the path of choice for generating material for human transplantations.

    Which of the following could be a suitable title for the given passage?

    Options :-

    1. Stem cells - a boost for broken hearts

    2. Britain, a predominant force in stem cell research

    3. Embryonic stem cells carry patient’s DNA

    4. A comparative study of developments in stem cell research

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