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     Suraj Kalra 

    Please help me in deciding whether one should do C.A. with B.Com or only one course at a time? Really confused what should be the correct career path to be taken. It would be really helpful if someone could help me out.


    Thank you

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     Ankur Sinha 

    Hello Suraj,
    You can directly prepare for CA and give exam. which involves a lot of focus and training.
    And in many cities there are training centres for CA.

    This training does take a lot of time and you would need patience.

    In my perspective if you are confident to take up the exam you should go ahead and prepare for it.
    Else you can join B.Com and keep preparing for CA.

    Hope this helps.

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     Oshima Pahuja 

    Hi Suraj,

    You have the following options:

    1. Pursue from correspondence and pursue CA full time. This way you will be able to devote all the needed attention to CA. You can CA classes without worrying for any college attendance. However CA is no cakewalk and it require time management, rigorous study schedule and complete devotion. But if you manage to clear it one go you will be a CA in approx 5 years.
    2. Pursue from a regular college and simultaneously pursue CA. But this would require managing class time tables and CA coaching and articleship.

    If you are confident of clearing all the CA examinations in minimum time frame possible then take up CA full time. However if feel the need to have a backup go for a regular degree because even if you don’t sail through CA you can apply for higher studies or job on the basis of your graduation. Before getting yourself enrolled in any of the above courses just check the syllabus in-depth and see whether it suits your capability and interest.

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     Olivia Das 

    There are 3 levels in CA. 1. CPT, 2. IPCC and 3. Final.
    Doing bcom before CA would help you in way that you wont have to go through CPT. You can directly go to IPCC and then final!

    Doing before CA is going to be very good for you. You would be very focused.


    But If you are in 12th or in 1st yr of then why to waste 2-3 years. Start as early as possible. U can become CA in 4&1/2 yrs.

    whereas, bcom would make you loose 2-3 years!

    PS:- Choose wisely. Do what suits you the best 🙂

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    It is always better to pursue a regular B.Com degree along with a CA course, as you B.Com degree can be a backup until your CA exam is cleared.
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