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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    I completed my B.Sc. chemistry. Now my actual goal is to complete Ph.D. in chemistry and then to go for job. At present i submitted regular M.Sc. forms for general chemistry and organic chemistry. So if i get selected in both which one i have to select (as on future and present priority for companies) to get good job. and what part time i can do to support my studies up to Ph.D. Or any scholarship?

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     Shraddha Goel 

    M.S. chemists are more easily hired (i.e. they are subject to somewhat less scrutiny in hiring) and they have more flexible slotting into a variety of job functions. But obviously if you want to be the boss then go for the PhD straight away!

    Organic Chemistry is more qualitative whereas General Chem has more calculations and quantitative aspects. So that is your personal choice. The scope is good in both. Apparently there is scope in every single thing, this is where you have to choose your interest.

    Also, the knowledge gained during college is highly transferable and for that reason I think taking tuitions in chemistry would serve you really really well. Thank you 🙂

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    Hey Roza,

    You can select either subjects because both have their niche preferences in the industry. Multinational medicine brands are always on the lookout for Organic Chemists whereas a degree in general chemistry will expand your domain too. If you like organic chemistry, by all means choose that because it has a good future scope. But, if you are still confused you can go for general chemistry M.Sc and pursue your M.Sc project according to the subject of your choice then and pursue your Ph.D in that subject.

    Coming to the second part of your question, there are a lot of scholarships offered by the state govt and other organisations based on both merit and means and you can enquire with the college you get an admission to as they would help you better with the scholarships that they recognise. Other than that, you can always give private tuitions to support you. During Ph.D, if you qualify NET, you will get a scholarship by the central govt anyway so you might be well supported by that itself.

    Hope this helped!

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