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    I did my B.Com from Bhopal. Now I am looking for job in Delhi/NCR or Bhopal. What are the proven guidelines that I must follow to ease out job search process?

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     Olivia Das 

    Here are few sectors i would like you to concetrate!

    1- Core Finance
    (Asset Management like Portfolios and Private Equity, Investment Banking & Corporate Finance, Corporate Planning & Budgeting, Risk & Treasury Management)
    These profiles require a lot of work on your technical skills like business mapping, understanding finances and industry trends, thorough review of financials, market intelligence and other hard-bound skills
    Personal Opinion: Freshers aren’t welcome, unless they’re from a Tier A institute. You should also try to get an internship first; even a small firm is fine, if you are really interested!

    2- Banking & Insurance
    (Actuary, Commercial or Retail Banking, Insurance Underwriting & Claims departments, etc.)
    Here you’ll need to be well versed with regulations, compliance and filings and a basic level of customer service since most of them are client facing roles
    Personal Opinion: Much easier to enter given the basic qualification for each domain. You could try banking exams or some courses in Insurance by IRDA if you’re really interested..

    3- General & Financial Management
    (Auditing, Law, Tax, Strategy & Consulting, Financial Planning, etc.)
    This requires being an expert in the domain and probably relies the most on your ability to think out of the box and solve business problems. If you ask me, here is where an MBA or a professional degree becomes the most important and accordingly gives way to problem solving..
    Personal Opinion: Not that difficult, if you’re interested and show a few internships/project experience and belong to a Tier A institute

    4- Non-finance Roles
    (Sales, Marketing, Content Management, Human Resources, etc.)
    Now here is where your education becomes less important and your personality/soft-skills/a

    ttitude play the biggest role. Ofcourse, you do need a degree to stand out and be capable enough, but your success is not guaranteed by your qualification..
    Recommendation : One of the easiest to enter, but driven by a fair share of pressure to perform and meet targets!

    Choose what suits you the best! 🙂


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     Shraddha Goel 

    You can find jobs after B.Com category wise and state wise in this fabulous article:

    Thank you. Write to us in case of other queries. 🙂

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