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    Monopolies are bad in national politics and worse in international politics. The unipolar world led by the US is an example of political monopoly. In the language of history and politics, monopolies are discussed in terms of balance of power. What we have today is an imbalance of power. The US-led war against Iraq needs to be seen in the context of this imbalance. There has been much talk about the need for a multipolar world as an ideal solution to the existing anarchy in the international arena. The US – UK combine have been considered to be the perpetrators of the war. They disregarded global public opinion and have gone outside the mandate of the United Nations. This is an indication of US considering itself the only superpower. Its consideration may be justified because it has all the pervading might and also the necessary will. Its might is in two domains: one, military, and the other, economic. On every issue of any importance that confronts foreign policy-making of any country, US interests become vital. This omnipresence of the US makes it different from any other country. Some political observers argue that this is temporary; that the Russians will be back; that the Germans, Japanese, Europeans are coming; that China is not far away. In short, we occupy a period of metamorphosis from a bipolar to a multipolar world, a period that may constitute a unipolar moment but that phase may be over shortly. When will this unipolar moment be over? None has the answer to this question. Most observers view US as somewhere between primacy and dominance, depending on the issue. The main question is how to deal with hegemony, primacy or dominance. In dealing with a big power, a smaller power must choose either balancing or bandwagoning or hiding. In a unipolar world, the general trend of foreign policy will be to bandwagon. Middle powers will need to bandwagon less than small powers and on particular issues may be able to balance or hide.

    For initiating the war, the author of the passage

    Options :-

    1. appreciates the joint action of the US and the UK
    2. considers the war as unjustified and blames the US and the UK
    3. thinks that the United Nations should have admired the US and the UK
    4. blames the global public opinion
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