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     Viral Mamniya 

    According to it doesn’t matter whether you are boy or girl.If you have the passion to achieve something you can do it.From my experience, very few people pass through college and has very less placement or knowledge as faculties are trying to get grips into how to function to teach something like Mechatronics. They too need time to improve and their course structure as per current industry standards.
    As I see the curriculum is vast and it’s not possible to teach each and every thing from a particular course, you need to rely on good books and internet for the most part. You really need to find out if the faculties are competent enough to get inspired about learning and provide you with solid foundation to think and grow there after.

    If you are quite curious about Mechatronics, and are strong enough to manage to get decent grades. Then go for it, with decent grades at the end, you will manage to get atleast some job or can apply for MS in decent universities. While in college, try to work on as many mini-projects, projects under professors, try to publish a few technical papers.

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