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    hello team
    myself krishna and i m here today to know details regarding the meaning of unani medicine. as i m so much interested in this medicine field i need to know some details regarding this conerened particular subject. so guys please help me in knowing the details of the above mentioned topic. for which i will be really very grateful. so please reply me guys so please

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    hi krishna

    this is one of the oldest ayurveda techniques. here are the details you wanted to know

    Unani treatment originated from Greece (Unan). It aims to aid body’s natural processes with medicines that have no side effects. Unani is known by many different names, Greco-Arabs medicine, Arab medicine, Ionian medicine and Oriental medicine.
    According to Unani system, diseases are natural processes and the symptoms are body’s reaction to them. Human body has self-preservation power (Quwwat-e-Mudabbira) that maintains the balance of these humours. Unani treatment facilitates body to regain or strengthen this balance. It follows the humoural theory that postulates presence of four humors in the body namely,

    • Blood (Dum).
    • Phlegm (balgham).
    • Yellow bile (safra).
    • Sauda (black bile).

    Before starting the actual treatment, patient’s pulse is examined to know the dominant humor at that particular time. Depending upon the symptoms of patient urine and stool tests are also done.
    In Unani treatment, strong drugs are never prescribed at the early stage of treatment. In fact, the drugs are selected as per the variations from healthy condition and preferably light dose is given. Effect of low dose is first noticed before giving the high dose.

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