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    Hello !

    Congratulations upon taking MBA as your career option.

    MBA in Systems Management is about the administration related to Information Technology or IT.Systems management has an increasing demand now a days due to the emerging IT firms across the country.Systems management require both Technical and Management skills. As IT firms are now a major part of the markets the demand for such MBA candidates naturally increases. Graduates from IT and Computer Science Engineering also take up this course.E-commerce development,software development, data security and management are some of the things that you would learn. For getting a job as a systems analyst, database manager, software/applications developer, network administrator, project lead or information technology consultant, you need to have an MBA in IT or Systems Management.

    All the campuses of Indian Institute of Management(IIMs offer this course).

    You would require to have a good balance between technical and management skills and use them in a constructive and efficient manner.

    All the best.

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     Dr Pramod Kumar Manglik 
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    I want to pursue MBA in Systems Management but want to learn more about the course before enrolling in. can someone provide some basic information on it?

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