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     Rakesh varma 

    Hello Team
    Could anyone please provide me with the details regarding the KL University. So that I can target my dream to get my dream to come successful. So anyone could please provide me with these details and make me aware of the things which you think that I must know. I m hoping to get a positive reply mentioning all the details that I wanted,thanking you guys

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    Hello Kamesh

    Firstly I would like to mention that this is one of the major source of Education in India. Here are the details:


    To be a globally renowned university.

    Mission :

    To impart quality higher education and to undertake research and extension with emphasis on application and innovation that cater to the emerging societal needs through all-round development of students of all sections enabling them to be globally competitive and socially responsible citizens with intrinsic values.

    1. To offer academic flexibility by means of Choice based credit systems and the like.
    2. To identify and introduce new specializations and offer programs in emerging areas therein
    3. To incorporate into the curriculum the Application orientation and use high standards of competence for academic delivery
    4. To design and implement educational system adhering to outcome based International models.
    5. To introduce and implement innovation in teaching  and learning process to strengthen academic delivery
    6. To offer academic programs at UG, PG, doctoral, Post-Doctoral which are industry focused, and incorporates Trans-discipline, inter-discipline aspects of the education system
    7. To deliver higher education that includes technologies and meeting the global requirements
    1. To promote inter-disciplinary studies and create needful facilities that enhance inter-disciplinary research and innovation
    2. To create an ambience that is conducive  for undertaking sponsored research, internal funded research and offering consultancy services to wide spectrum of originations
    3. To establish centers of excellence in frontier areas of research, and design innovation centers with industry collaboration
    4. To create environment to innovate and incubate the products and services that addresses the societal requirements
    5. To integrate research  into all academic programs
    6. To maintain high standards in achieving research outcomes
    7. To promote International conferences / Seminars / Workshops / in collaboration with professional bodies for creation of avenues for research exchange
    Extramural and extension
    1. To generate means and avenues for carrying out extramural research for Industry and Academia
    2. To organize extension activities covering literacy promotion, health awareness and improve the living standards of community
    3. To make the research outcomes useful and applicable for the societal needs
    1. To promote and maintain state of the art facilities for academic delivery, research and co & extra-curricular facilities and develop congenial and eco-friendly fully residential campus
    2. To create and strengthen focused and modern infrastructure  that address the national needs through generation of dedicated funds from Industry, Government  and research organizations,
    Equity / Access
    1. To provide and promote the opportunities to higher education to socially deprived communities and remove disparities by promoting women, differently abled and socially deprived
    2. To provide equal access to meritorious both in terms of admissions and financial support
    1. To lay emphasis on effective usage of ICT, WEB –resources and train the faculty on the latest advancements thereof and develop effective e-content
    2. To develop and maintain world class ICT infrastructure and lay emphasis on its effective usage, extend regular training to both faculty and students on its latest advancements there by ensure interactive academic delivery
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