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    Jordan Brand to release women’s sneaker collection

    In a rainbow-colored sea of sneakers, Spike Lee identified a pair of Jordans that he just had to have. He found his size, too — the final hurdle to picking up the perfect footwear. But there was something different about these Jordans, something that you couldn’t say about any pair of Jordans in the past.Get more news about <b>retro air jordan shoes for sale</b>,you can vist!
    “I saw a joint in the back and it had my size, and I’m wearing it,” Lee said at Thursday’s Jordan Brand Future of Flight event in Los Angeles. “Women’s line — I’m wearing that joint.”

    Lee, who’s been involved with Nike and Michael Jordan since 1987, was a panel speaker at the event. The main attraction was the unveiling of the 2018 NBA All-Star uniforms, designed for the first time by Jordan Brand, but there were also new collections on display, including Russell Westbrook’s first signature shoe.

    The collection that drew the most attention, however, was Jordan Brand’s first ever women’s line — something that pretty much everyone agreed was far overdue.Sitting next to Lee in the panel discussion was 25-year-old Aleali May, a model and stylist who was the first female collaborator on a pair of men’s and women’s Jordans. Her design, the Air Jordan 1 x Aleali May, dropped in October, and she talked about how important it was for women like her to finally have their own Jordans.

    “As a young girl, you’ve always had your brothers or your cousins playing, and they had the new 7s, you know? You’re like, ‘Oh man, I want a pair. Where can I get those?’ Now, years later, we’re finally seeing something that’s for us,” May said.

    She was interrupted by Lee, who shared the sentiment that so many others shared throughout the event: “Too many years, right?”

    “Right,” May continued. “Something that’s for us, you know? With this women’s launch, it’s really great because we have our own colorways, something that the guys can get jealous of — a little reverse psychology.”It’s not like women wearing Jordans is something new — they’ve been doing it for decades. Originally women and girls had to seek out smaller men’s sizes or children’s sizes, but the demand eventually caused the brand to start making women’s sizes as well.

    Now, for the first time, women will have sneakers designed specifically for them. In order to get the line just right, vice president and general manager of Jordan Women’s, Andrea Perez, says that they spent countless hours speaking to the group of women that matters most — the consumers.”We need to do shoes that are undeniably for her,” Perez said. “That means to think about the materials — what materials does she resonate with? Think about the fit, the stance, the silhouettes, the ease of entry, and other things that’s she’s been telling us that she wants and needs. So that’s what we’re taking into consideration as we design that line.”

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