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    Dear Gopika,

    It is your personal choice. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses.Talk to your mentors and peers. Take a decision yourself. Are you willing to put in extra effort for one whole year? You can also choose to join other engineering colleges too.

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    Should I re-appear for JEE Mains exam?
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    Definitely yes.

    if you have another attempt and if you are well prepared then appear for it.

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     Olivia Das 

    It totally depends on your condition right now!

    If you are ok-ishly satisfied with the college that you are right getting now, then there is no point in reappearing in JEE. Why wasting an year for a better college?? When you are not even sure that you would get a better college next year or not?? In my past experience I have seen people landing up in worse colleges after reappearing!

    But if you feel that you have performed fairly bad than you actually deserve then definitely! reappear, prepare well and land up in the college of your dreams 🙂


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     Shraddha Goel 

    If you can push yourself to scoring much better the next time to be able to land in an IIT or NIT, then yes. Otherwise wasting another year does not make sense. There are many IIT graduates who do just mediocre jobs. So decide for yourself. Think for a day and come to a conclusion.

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