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     rahul sharma 

    I am preparing for JEE Exams but confused about which topics to prepare in physics ?

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     Asad yar Khan 

    Hi, Rahul!

    I would like to throw some light on some important topics for Physics in JEE Main & Advanced 2018

    Important topics for Physics in JEE Main & Advanced

    The physics portion for JEE has 20 chapters. Then there are some important topics to pay special attention to. They are-

    1. Dimensional Analysis – Some students find it really easy. Understanding correct units and dimensions for physical quantities can easily aid you to eliminate options in multiple choices
    2. Gravitation & Electrostatics – These chapters are conceptually similar to each other
    3. Current Electricity & Heat Transfer –These chapters are also somewhat conceptually similar to each other. Hence, while going through them pay attention to the similarities (which some students find very confusing at times)
    4. Electromagnetic Induction, Waves & Sound
    5. Geometrical Optics, Thermodynamics
    6. Kinetic Theory of Gases, Rotational Dynamics

    Important Physics Topics By Syllabus Weightage

    These 3 are the most basic concepts that you must know. You can expect at-least 1 question from these topics:

    1. Units and Dimensions – Weightage: 2%
    2. Measurement of Errors – Weightage: 2%
    3. Vectors

    These topics are classified as fundamentals in physics. You can expect 1 – 2 questions from this section on an actual JEE Paper.

    1. Kinematics – Weightage: 1%
    2. Newton’s Laws of Motion – Weightage: 4%
    3. Friction

    These 5 topics are important & easy and can help your score high marks very easily in the JEE:

    1. Work, Energy and Power – Weightage: 5%
    2. Electrostatics – Weightage: 6%
    3. Current Electricity – Weightage: 7%
    4. Wave Optics – Weightage: 5%
    5. Ray Optics – Weightage: 6%

    These 9 topics are absolutely important for JEE. You can expect twisted questions from these sections, so its very important you know your basics well and practice a hell lot! You can expect 2 – 3 questions from most of the topics listed below.

    1. Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision – Weightage: 5%
    2. Rotational Dynamics – Weightage: 4%
    3. Simple Harmonic Motion – Weightage: 5%
    4. Fluid Mechanics – Weightage: 2 – 5%. Bernoulli’s principle can be easily twisted to ask some tricky questions.
    5. Wave Motion and String Waves – Weightage: 5%
    6. Magnetism – Weightage: 6%
    7. Heat & Thermodynamics – Weightage: 6%. This is one topic that is very important for both Physics and Chemistry preparation in JEE.
    8. Nuclear Physics – Weightage: 5%
    9. Modern Physics – Weightage: 5%

    According to Pankhuri K (BIT Mesra, Architecture) concepts like SHM (Simple Harmonic Motion) were used even in her engineering studies. She also recommends watching tutorial videos for getting clearer conceptual understanding.

    And finally, here is a list of the topics that you should study at least once and try to create cheat-sheets or flashcards to help you revise the formulas. You can expect 3 – 4 questions mix and match from the topics below.

    1. Circular Motion – Weightage: 1%
    2. Gravitation – Weightage: 1%
    3. Properties of Matter, Elasticity – Weightage: 2%
    4. Sound Waves
    5. Electromagnetic Induction – Weightage: 3%
    6. Alternating Current – Weightage: 1%
    7. Heat Transfer
    8. Calorimetry
    9. Thermal Expansion
    10. Thermo Electricity
    11. Semiconductors and Electronic Devices – Weightage: 5%
    12. Communication Systems – Weightage: 2%

    Students should study all the topics and not just go for a selective study. This will also help students after they qualify JEE Main. They would not have to spend extra time for JEE Advanced preparation.

    By average Number of questions asked in past JEE Main / Advanced Physics papers:

    1. Current Electricity: 8 questions asked on the actual JEE paper each year on an average
    2. Electrostatics: 4 questions
    3. Optics: 3 questions
    4. Heat and Thermodynamics: 2 questions
    5. Law of Motion: 2 questions
    6. Waves: 2 questions
    7. Simple Harmonic Motion: 2 questions

    Prepare well, as you can expect some more questions from the other topics in the syllabus.

    Hope that helps!

    Best of Luck!

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