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    Thanks for your question.

    The answer would be simply ‘Yes’. Some reasons behind that-

    1. Ever growing social media now faces a great need for web designers.

    2. Go through online market place  you’ll find the vast opportunity for work as a web designer.

    3. I am also associated with that profession as a web designer for more than three years and it runs well.

    4. By making web sites, you can also earn a lot of money.

    5. You can create your own business or a farm for rendering training for web design. I am also running one company.

    To sum it up, I assist you to take this career seriously because on the other side, it would go through a lot of competition in web design and a lot of hard work to do. Good Luck!!

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     Rakesh varma 

    hello team

    could anyone kindly provide me with the details regarding the several other options that are availble in the web desigining and how to proceed on with my career. so anyone could anyone give me details such as is web design a good career and what are the several other options so that I can carry out and become a sucessful person. so please provide me the answers to my questions

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     priya arrora 

    Personally, I think the web design/development (actually any development) market is saturated. The way you win is by gaining trust.

    It makes me sick to see some of the developers that people pay for (no offense intended at anybody). A friend paid $300 for a big job, and the code was absolutely atrocious. I found it hard to look at. It made me sick. Extra queries everywhere, queries within other query’s loops (resulting in dozens of queries), not even function based, was all procedural. Perhaps a non-technical person might not care, but I rewrote it for him (felt sorry for him) and made it go from 1.8 seconds loading to 0.01 seconds.

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     priya arrora 

    Yes, Web Designing is still a good career. Everything on web is useful. There is no such technology in which you can say , it’s now a good option for career. It’s just they have different market or I say personal choice on companies.

    Web Design in a very broad field. People are developing really great framework for which helps Designers to make better products in much efficient way. Just take an example of AngularJS.

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