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     Abhishek Goyal 


    With reference to, how can I get Internship in Samsung?

    Can you please help me with some insights.


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     Aniket Rege 

    Hi Abhishek, I was the author of that article, so there are some tips I can give you. Honestly, as I stated in the article, I had no idea that the internship was a possibility while going for the competition. I went for it because It seemed like an exciting opportunity to learn for me as an Electronics student from one of the best electronics companies in the world.  So my honest advice to you would be to try everything you feel may increase your knowledge and experience in your area of interest. Enroll in courses (college as well as MOOCs like Coursera and edX), give competitions a try, you’ll learn a lot in the process. As far as the internship goes, two primary ways of receiving one are via the company visiting your college campus and taking interns through there, or via winning a competition conducted by them (as I did). Getting an internship off campus is nearly impossible in big MNCs like Samsung, but if you really want it, it doesn’t hurt to try. One way of going about this would be to search for HRs on LinkedIn (an incredible tool for all professional advancement) and pester them for an opportunity. This has been known to work. Good Luck!

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