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     B.ganga Keerthi 

    When is the right time to go through an internship?

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     Tushar Singh 

    After your class 10 and 12 Board Exams.

    Summers or other vacations are a great time too.

    You can choose from both Virtual and non-Virtual Internships, according to your needs.

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    Tbh, there isn’t really a right time for anything. I believe if you’re free and you’re confident about doing something, you must give it a shot. But make sure you don’t compromise with your choice. Don’t do anything just for the sake of doing it. Also, enrolling in an internship is a commitment so make sure you’ve scheduled it perfectly.

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     Kishan Kamlesh 

    I believe the best time is during or after the 2nd year of your B.Tech (Assuming you’re pursuing Engineering).

    In the first year there isn’t much you learn​ about the core subjects so there isn’t much to offer on account of internships. Bit after the second year when you know your core subjects well enough and you know your strengths in core subjects then you can choose that particular field in the internships and offer and learn a lot more.

    Also, it gives a lot of value to your resumé when you take up placements!


    Hope this helps!

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     Saksham . 

    Hello B.ganga Keerti

    After your 10+2, i.e During your college, it is the best time for you doing a internship moreover it also depends on the nature of internship you’re doing or will be going to do.

    Like if you want to do a internship which involves content writing, product reviewing or things that you can easily do (while sitting on your bed and having coffee) then you can do these internships at any point of time (not preferred during your semester or yearly exams :D).

    But if you’re planning to do an internship which involves moving from one place to another or a desk job but away from your home like door to door selling or branding then preferable time is summer vacations.

    Hope it helps.

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    The right time for internship will be after the 2nd year of your graduation, because in first year we will be having same subjects for all streams.In the second year you will be introduced to your core subjects as per your stream or department and you will be knowing the foundation of your consent subjects.You can then do an internship on the subject you are interested and passionate about,other than winding up in the fore most year without knowing basics.All the very best.

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     Hannan Satopay 

    Hello B.ganga Keerthi,

    Internship is a great way to get hand-ons experience and improve your skills while learning new and amazing things from the company’s experts.

    To do that, it is essential to have free time at hand and have a free mind which is essential in deciding whether you are ready to take part in an internship or not.

    I recommend taking part in internship during your summer holidays while nurting and improving your skills on your own during the weekends while your high school/college is still going on. This will make you a viable candidate when you apply for an internship.

    Remember to keep your resume ready and study about the company’s profile before going to the internship interview.

    Apps like frapp and websites like interntheory will help you find internship in various fields.

    It is important as well to develop and improve your social profile like LinkedIn, Facebook etc since it also plays a major role for your selection.

    All the best for your future endeavours!

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     Ripunjoy Goswami 

    Firstly there is no right time and secondly I would prefer you to go for it after 12th

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    See an internship is all about learning new things and gaining exposure. It is something that gives a glimpse of what a full time job would be like. Ideally, an internship should be undertaken when you have time on your hands such that you can actually focus on the internship and try to gain as much experience you can. Most people tend to have this kind of time after their boards. So I would definitely advise you to undertake an internship after your 10th or 12th grade boards because you have about 2-3 months of free time. This would also help with your college applications as institutes often look for applicants who stand out. Although, if you’re the kind of person who can manage multiple responsibilities very well, any time should suit you. But be sure to think this thingss through before you commit to anything.

    I hope that helped you.

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     Harshita Singh 

    Well, there is no perfect timing to start your I terns hip. But the sooner the better. You can opt for jobs like freelancing etc which will add on to your resume, if you’re a college student.

    A very good time to get started with internships is during the summer vacation after your 2nd year as you have enough knowledge to start brushing up your skills.

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     Mohit Rathee 

    The best time for starting internships is summer vacations because during this time you get enough time to work on some particular technology or project and you can learn that technology easily as plenty of time is available.

    Application forms for the same, for reputed organisations who gives a considerable stipend for working with them, are out in the month of November or December.Do check the websites regularly for the updates.

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     Sunidhi Negi 

    You can start your internship when you want. Always begin with something that you’re interested in and you’ll enjoy the work and learn more.

    It also gives you an opportunity to explore and learn new areas.

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     Abhishek Roy 

    You can do internship anytime. Some students do it in there holidays when they have a lot of time while many students do ing there regular classes. You just need to give an hour or two for the work.

    Also doing intership help you in developing new skills and having an experience. So you can do internship whenever you feel for doing so. Everytime is good time for internship.


    Hope it helps

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     Mudit Nawani 

    No such time is there to do an internship

    so if you are a student who is in the first year of his/her college course, it is better to focus on studies rather than internships in the first year, the internships must be pursued from the second year.

    as when you sit for a placement you must have a good academic score which is easier to be achieved in the starting period of course

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     Vidita Gupta 

    I believe internships can be done at any age or time of life. I am in 12th standard and have applied for a few virtual internships. Applying early helps you gain more experience and prepares you to meet the demands of the work world.


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     lipi bag 

    Hello Keerthi,
    I believe you’re a college student, so am I. I have been taking up internship right through the beginning of my second semester. If you wait for a particular perfect timing, there isn’t any. The right time is Now! I don’t mean that you should  burden yourself with internships and neglect your academics, instead you should focus on an all round development.

    The more you explore with different types of Internship, the better it adds to your CV. Summer Internship/Winter Internships are one way of going about it, however if you can balance your college timings and pursue a good internship (There are many virtual internship too) it is the best.

    Best wishes.

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     Prakruthi Jain 

    The simplest answer is, You should do internship on every vacation you get.

    So, As you know, internship can be called short time job position where you learn interesting concepts of your field working there. There is particular time period for such learning. You should utilize your every day to get something new every single day. It’s not too early , you asked at perfect time. You have a lot of time to explore your interests.

    You should use your autumn break and winter break for pursuing internship in your interested field. Search for related companies in goi town and apply to them! Contact them via email. Start off! Get a huge experience before going to college.

    Most importantly, enjoy the process of leaning. Don’t run behind the certificates and goal objects..your learning process matters a lot.

    Good luck with your rising future 🙂

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     Shreya Poddar 

    The best time for internship is when you’re having your vacations, or free time. Apart from these after completing your 3rd semester you can think about an intership.

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