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    Instagram Users Urged To Avoid Ray-Ban Phishing Scam

    Instagram users are being warned not to fall for a new Ray-Ban phishing scam that’s designed to trick them with the lure of cheap sunglasses.Get more news about <b>fake oakley</b>,you can vist!

    If you’re a regular Instagram user, you may have noticed your friends posting lots of images this week with offers of heavily discounted Ray-Ban sunglasses. The scam is circulating widely on the social media platform and huge numbers of people have already fallen for it.

    The photos come in a range of different forms but tend to feature the Ray-Ban logo and sunglasses, alongside tempting offers such as ’90% Off’ and ‘One Day Only.’ The post also includes the name of a website, assuring the user that it’s ‘official’.

    Of course, there’s nothing official about it, and if you type in the dodgy web address, you will be brought straight to a phishing website that’s been specifically created to steal your personal details and Instagram login information.This type of scam takes advantage of accounts that have previously been compromised, whether it’s from a previous phishing attack or if a user’s credentials have been stolen from one of the many data breaches over the last few years.

    If the crooks can gain access to an account, they can then use the user’s profile to spread the scam and post what appears to be legitimate photos. However, the scam rarely ends there. The personal details and contact information will then be used for further spam messages or the delivery of malware.

    There’s no doubt that the offer of purchasing Ray-Bans at a knock down price of £17.65 is hugely enticing, but users should exercise extreme caution with any offer that seems too good to be true.

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     Angel Likola

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