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    Infosys present managers (Manik, Bharat and Jitesh) and five junior analysts (Dev, Prateek, Sham, Gaurav and Himanshu). The company is planning to open a new office in Delhi. It is planning to relocate two of the three managers and three of the five junior analyst to the office at Delhi. As it is an organization which is highly people oriented the management wants to ensure that the individuals who do not function well together should not be made as a part of the team going to the Delhi. The following information was available to the HR department of Infosys.

    • Managers Manik and Jitesh don’t like each other and therefore cannot be sent as a team to the new office.
    • Jitesh and Prateek are excellent performers in their own right. However, they do not function together as a team. They should be separated.
    • Dev and Gaurav have had a major misunderstanding during the last office party. After the office party these two have not been in speaking terms and should therefore not be sent as a team.
    • Dev and Sham are competing for a promotion that is due in another 7 months. They should not be a team.

    If Dev goes to the new office which of the following is (are) true?

    I. Jitesh cannot go

    II. Manik cannot go

    III. Himanshu must also go

    Options :-

    1. I only
    2. II and III only
    3. I and III only
    4. I, II and III
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