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    Indian Science Congress has been about promoting scientific temper and it will remain so. History of Science has been and has to be integral part any professional society. Unless we look at the major milestones in the field we cannot get the complete picture. Learning from the history is very important aspect for building future, which till now we have neglected. Especially when we are ready to take lead in all spheres of life as a nation, we need to learn from the past experiences. We did the same for IT. While developing vision for IT as India’s tomorrow, we studied space, atomic energy, electronics etc and then we worked on IT. Unfortunately, we ourselves are not aware of our own achievements that need to be put forth. For many of us Science is the gift of Western Europe, which is not true. We have a glorious past. From Vedic times till today we have made major contributions. When I met the Fields Medal winner Dr. Manjul Bhargav in the Congress he said teachings from his grandfather in Sanskrit gave him totally different perspective to learn mathematics. We have great tradition of instruments of knowledge and validity of knowledge experience, inference, logic etc. Science is nothing but understanding the nature of reality. At that level there is not much difference between Indian and Western approach. The basic difference is Indian approach looked at science with integral perspective while western approach is fragmented. Western science focuses on physical reality as Man vs Nature or Subject Vs Object approach, while for us its holistic perspective from individual to the Universe. Fortunately, modern science after research in Quantum Mechanics is adopting this perspective.

    Which of the following observation emerges from the above passage?

    Options :-

    1. Quantum Mechanics validates India’s holistic perspective towards science

    2. Science is gift of western Europe.

    3. Science is the only subject that helps in understanding reality.

    4. Modern science does not require any past experiences to learn upon.

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