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     Amit Chauhan 

    Hi, I am in class 9 and I am preparing for a debate on the following topic “Importance of computer in education”. I’d be extremely obliged if I can get a few pointers which will help me prepare better.

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    Hey Ram,

    I would love to help you with your essay regarding the topic you have mentioned. I’ll highlight a few points which you can use for your debate. The points are as follows-

    1. Computers are one of the most technologically advanced machines for performing any kind of activity. They hold importance in the sphere of education because of the ease of information access due to the presence of computers. Using a computer, a person sitting in any corner of the world can learn from anyone in the world and gain knowledge for a negligible cost.
    2. Computers simplify life by easily removing the reduntant steps in any activity. This holds true for education as well as the computer can perform the arithmetic functions and the more pressing issues in research can be tended to, by people.
    3. Computers also save time and help to perform cutting edge research and thus help in pushing the boundaries of human understanding which is what education is all about in the first place!

    Hope this will help you!

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