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     Vishesh Saraswat 
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    I am preparing for JEE Exam.  I have not joined any coaching. I study from books and study material of Allen Coaching. What tips should I follow to get a good rank in JEE Advanced.

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     Priyanka Dixit 
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    JEE Advance require a lot of hard work and devotion which includes being thorough with the subjects fundamentals as well as being polished with the subject matter. To prepare for JEE one can adopt various ways to study. It is also important that you refer only prescribed books which are strictly according to the syllabus of JEE Advance.

    If you are opting only for self study, then the advice would be that don’t just opt for self studying it by the study materials or by the books. Join some test series so that you can be habituated with the examination environment and methods. It will also measure or rank your preparations along with others on All India level from which you can analyse from time to time where you are lagging and on which areas you have to work more.

    Also go for group studies sometimes, where you can clear your doubts and concepts. This will keep you in touch with other people who are also preparing for the exam and you can learn many new things from them; may be a short trick for a pattern of questions which you might not know!

    Tips you keep in mind to crack JEE Advance:

    1. Refer NCERT books for building all your fundamental concepts.
    2. Solve more number of questions daily specially numerical because the JEE Advance exams contains more number of numerical than theory.
    3. Set your daily targets that you have to complete and do it religiously.
    4. Be focused when you study. Don’t distract yourself by small things.
    5. Analyse yourself where you are lagging and where you require to work more.
    6. Practice more and more previous years question papers.
    7. Stick to the syllabus strictly because nothing will be asked outside the syllabus and it is of no use wasting your time by reading something out of syllabus.
    8. Be self motivated. Believe in your hard word.
    9. Don’t get demotivated by negativity. Surround yourself with positive people who can boost your moral.


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     Shubham Gupta 
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    JEE Advanced is one of the toughest exams in India. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The exam will test your concepts and basics of each subject. One can prepare for JEE by joining any coaching classes or by self-study. It is also important to prepare on the basis of latest JEE syllabus and pattern.

    If you are opting for self-study, keep in mind the following things:

    • With your study material, also refer some standard books solve them religiously.
    • Take help from your any friend who studies in any coaching or studied in the past.
    • Study material is not just enough to prepare for JEE Advanced. Enroll for a good test series and give test once in a week.
    • Don’t let feel yourself awkward that you didn’t join any coaching. There are many people who crack the exam without coaching. Just focus on your studies.
    • Make daily targets and try to achieve more than that. You get to know your strengths by this.
    • Analyze your test and try to keep improving with upcoming tests.
    • Don’t surround yourself with negative people and do things which make you feel good.
    • If possible, keep yourself away from social media and the internet. But if you feel that you can prepare well with all these things no need to do that. Just keep a check on your time spent on all these activities.

    All the Best!!! Keep faith.


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