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     Anand Aseem 

    Hello Everybody,


    I am anand. from New Delhi. i am currently studying in 12th standard(humanities). I have a dream of becoming an IAS. i am planning on starting early to prepare for it. please let me know how to proceed with the preparation. which course to take up after my senior secondary.

    thank you

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    Hello Anand,
    You have taken a great decision. It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in the civil service examinations.

    First you will have to develop the habit of reading newspapers regularly. You will have to keep yourself updated on the current affairs on both the national and the international level. It is now time for you to brush through your history books. You will have to become a pro in the Indian history and Indian politics. Trying to attempt the civil service exams directly would be a difficult task. So it is better that take mock tests. You attend the government exams like the UPSC exams. Also it is time for you to turn on to the news channels from entertainment based channels.Because as I told you earlier,it is very much important for you to keep yourself updated on the current affairs.The MANORAMA YEAR BOOK will be of a great help to you when you prepare for the exam.

    Preparing for your civil exams is a very tedious process.So it is better you choose a course related to civil exams after your senior secondary. If you plan to take up a professional course like engineering, it will become more tedious for you to manage because preparing for engineering as well as civil exams at the same time will become extremely difficult.

    The best course for you to choose would be B.A., HISTORY because history plays a significant role while preparing for the civil exams. You could also opt for B.A., POLITICAL SCIENCE.

    Above all these, it is your determination that will help you throughout your preparations.

    I hope you found it useful.



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     Shraddha Goel 

    This is a right time for you to start the preparation for Civils. Consider the following:

    1. You can choose any course for graduation to be eligible for the UPSC exam. However if you decide your optional exam in the beginning after going through UPSC syllabus, you can take up graduation in that particular subject as it will build up your base and cover many aspects at graduation level of your optional subject. If you are not sure about this, do a simple BA Hons.
    2. Read newspaper everyday, and start making notes out of it. Notes should be precise, put under different headings. Editorials are main and must not be skipped.
    3. Combine it with a good magazine. I suggest you Yojana. It covers every area like education, poverty, science, et every month and is very useful. Do not burden yourself with a 100 magazines. Focus on quality, not on quantity.
    4. Look up for coaching centres, you can also visit for help. Take coaching not because it will help you study, you have to study on your own only. Coaching will give you direction and make you realise your potential and responsibility towards your goal.
    5. Revise every little thing you study. Revision is a key to success in this examination.

    All the best. Keep talking to us if you have further queries.

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